Ugulava: United National Movement Has Also Turned into One Man’s Party Today

The issue of changing the chairman of the party has not once been the topic of discussion in the party, including in the times when Saakashvili left the country and he still had Georgian citizenship. Every time, he was filled with suspicions that there was a conspiracy theory against him. Saakashvili as the leader was obliged to find new approaches with teammates and supporters, but he couldn’t manage to do so. That’s exactly why I said that he didn’t deserve to be our leader anymore. Nobody would have said that we were a stronger [than Saakashvili] political force in 2013, but I can say that openly now. It is unfortunate that Saakashvili ran out of inner resources with the passing of time. As a result, the United National Movement as well has turned into one man’s party.

Former Mayor of Tbilisi, Gigi Ugulava on UNM Split.
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