Chergoleishvili: Georgian March Organizers Are Perverts Wearing Mantle of National Values

We have seen the real face of these people, the words they used while threatening a 25-year-old woman with gang rape. Every Georgian citizen should see the real face of these people. They are perverts wearing a mantle of national values.

However, the most important issue here is Russia and its propaganda.

The Russian information war is built on fear - based on three fears:

The fear of Russia itself. That the country is invincible and can do whatever it wants without taking into account the West. This was never happening and will not happen now. The West wins with big points.

The fear of hunger. That Western markets are not available and there is no demand. [Former Energy Minister] Kaladze’s famous words - “who wants our wine in Europe?” that we should be tied to the Russian market, otherwise we will die of starvation.

The fear of corruption. That the Western world will degenerate us, and that on the other hand, Russia is co-religion country and defender of traditional values. Don't develop, do not get acquainted with a stranger, do not get something new - otherwise you will be degenerated and you will lose your traditions.

The Russian strategy is clear. It is clear why they want to spread fears and phobias. Societies full of fear cannot develop, cannot endure competition in the free world, and remain poor. Maintaining influence on them is easy - it is easier to make them refuse freedom.

Evidently, Russia cannot spread these fears using its name. The overwhelming majority of the Georgian population is very well aware that Russia is an enemy. And that is why Russia wraps these fears into the national cloth and spreads them via propaganda machines, with bolts such as Gia Korkotashvili, Sandro Bregadze, Levan Vasadze and other primitive neo-fascists.

There is nothing special in the existence of neo-fascist groups. Individually they are cowardly clowns. What is particular is that these groups are close to the ruling force. Their self-conceit caused by closeness to the government and the government’s patronage is special and alarming.

And these fascist march leaders dared to openly, publicly and impudently threaten a 25-year-old woman with gang rape.

Tabula’s Editor in Chief Tamara Chergoleishvili spoke condemning the organizers of the July 14 anti-foreigner Georgian March in the TV Pirveli telecast "Reakcia"
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