ამაოების ბაზარი დავით პაიჭაძესთან ერთად
მძიმე კაცთან
საუბარი რელიგიაზე
ახალი ამბების გამოშვება



  • Two or three persons who call themselves experts and in reality they do not possess elementary skill of analysis, they have no ability to assess the reality, now are stuck with the President acting as if they are trying to strengthen the president's institute, they claim so. One is looking for a job, the second one has not found their place, and the third one wants something, nothing else, they are putting him in a horrible situation and doing disservice to President Margvelashvili. These people act like they are helping him, recognizing and encouraging his wishes, [and] he himself and the country is in a funny situation... The National Movement is playing with [Margvelashvili] so that they manage to get a solid member from the team into the opposition and cause a split in the team.

    Bidzina Ivanishvili told Palitra TV
    Ivanishvili: National Movement trying to move Margvelashvili to opposition
  • Ivanishvili's Prosecutor's Office has five universal witnesses, the people who are ready to give testimony that is favorable for the prosecution, against anyone on any case. It does not make any difference whether they had any connection to the case. The appearance of any of them as a witness, no doubt, means two things: the case is weak and it is politically motivated. These are: Kay, Bedukadze, Burjanadze, Okruashvili and Chkhartishvili. In total, they have given testimonies on tens of cases.

    Former Head of the Interior Ministry's Analytical Department Shota Utiashvili about Prosecutor's Office
    Utiashvili: Ivanishvili's Prosecutor's Office has five universal witnesses
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