ამაოების ბაზარი დავით პაიჭაძესთან ერთად
მძიმე კაცთან
საუბარი რელიგიაზე
ახალი ამბების გამოშვება



  • Ivanishvili's Prosecutor's Office has five universal witnesses, the people who are ready to give testimony that is favorable for the prosecution, against anyone on any case. It does not make any difference whether they had any connection to the case. The appearance of any of them as a witness, no doubt, means two things: the case is weak and it is politically motivated. These are: Kay, Bedukadze, Burjanadze, Okruashvili and Chkhartishvili. In total, they have given testimonies on tens of cases.

    Former Head of the Interior Ministry's Analytical Department Shota Utiashvili about Prosecutor's Office
    Utiashvili: Ivanishvili's Prosecutor's Office has five universal witnesses
  • I address Vice-Premier Kakha Kaladze – the more you talk about us [Rustavi 2 TV company], the better for us. As regards you, nothing better or worse will happen to you personally; you will continue to float on the surface of Georgian politics for a while and thereafter, hardly anyone will recall you (perhaps, save for the law enforcement bodies). As for Rustavi 2, it was the leader before you [came to power] and will also remain the best after you [leave the power].

    Nika Gvaramia, the General Director of Rustavi 2 TV company, reacting to Vice-Premier Kakha Kaladze’s statement in which the latter accused the TV channel of propagating lies and expressed the hope that the “TV company will be returned to its legal owner.”
    Gvaramia to Kaladze: Rustavi was best before you and be best after you
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