მძიმე კაცთან
საუბარი რელიგიაზე
ამაოების ბაზარი დავით პაიჭაძესთან ერთად



  • Throughout the past 20 years, only this year did the death rates decrease. For some reason, no one has paid attention to this, but it makes me extremely happy. For the first time in twenty years the number of pensioners has increased. This is a direct result of the government’s politics. This is due to the public health service programs, this is due to freedom, my friends. When, in villages and in cities, the grandmother’s and grandfather’s grandchild can go home in peace, without being arrested for no reason, the elderly become less stressed, and thus, it has a direct affect on their health and well being.

    declared the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Garibashvili, during his assess of the government throughout the past two years
    PM: The number of pensioners has increased - a direct result of freedom
  • They [indicted former GoG officials] will have to find real evidence to prove that they are innocent, while the prosecutors will try to prove their guilt

    Justice Minister of Georgia, Tea Tsulukiani told Imedi TV on 7 October
    Tsulukiani: They will have to prove they are innocent
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