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Humans of Tbilisi



  • Generally, I like being direct and often say things that need to be said. However, I never lie and have never publicly lied. Whether I should’ve said what I said is a different topic, I don’t like the words I said either. However, I do have an argument towards it and can prove it to any person. But, obviously, maybe this wasn’t what was supposed to come off from me.

    Irakli Garibashvili responded to former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili's statement, in which he said that "Garibashvili's statement about Alasania was absolutely unacceptable, and he made a mistake." Irakli Garibashvili has called the former Defense Minister an "adventurer, ambitious, stupid Minister."
    PM: I don’t like the words I said about Alasania
  • A daily analytical show is going to be aired on GDS, the 2030 society. We rounded it up to 2030 and want to keep it that way. This show is going to be aired from Monday to Friday where three analytical experts along with a few invited guests from our group, the 2030 society, are going to analyze the current events. When the current events aren’t going to be interesting to talk about, we will talk about strategies and bring out different themes. On Sundays, I will sit down with these three hosts and we’re going to bring out a basic analysis for one hour. I’m not going to be the host, but I will be with the hosts. I have brought up being a co-host once and many did not like it, however, I don’t see a tragedy in it.

    stated Bidzinia Ivanishvili on Georgian Public Broadcaster
    Ivanishvili: I will not be a host, but I will be with the hosts
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